Wednesday, March 22, 2006

First Video Post

If I haven't annoyed you enough, I'm now going to start to add video to this blog. I've uploaded a couple videos to Google Video over the past few months and will now link to them in this blog so you to can enjoy these fine creations. The boys, particularily Dylan, love watching train video and Google Video has a ton of home movie quality train video available for free. Some people just love to watch and video tape trains and have uploaded them to Google. Since I have a computer attached to big plasma in the basement, we can watch these videos while hanging out on the beanbags.

A couple weeks ago we went down to Alexandria for a little trains watching and I filmed a couple Amtraks and a CSX. I edited the footage a little to keep the focus on the trains, not the boys and added titles. I uploaded it so that other mothers and fathers with trains obsessed children can watch the trains that we see, kind of paying into the train community in a way. Go to google video and search trains and see all the options. You can also search Alexandria trains to get to a smaller return or search Chicago trains for see Dylans favorite video with Amtraks, Metras, subway and freight trains.

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Kumie said...

You annoy me plenty. The best train video is this Bob:
I'm watching your Duran Duran DVD right now. "Come Undone" is one of the greatest songs ever written.