Friday, August 10, 2018


Nicole is in the West Virginia wilderness sleeping in this tent and taking turns running 7-8 miles every few hours. Her team of four has to run 150 miles over 24-30 hours or so. That means in the middle of the night on trails. Sounds like fun, right. The boys and I are cheering from home.

Hangin Around

Adam was in town with the band on wednesday and the Lorenger's John Ned us for the show. (Ava too). Good night but I was tired yesterday.

Saturday, August 04, 2018

Santa Fe 2018

He's a link to all the Flickr photos from last weeks trip. Having a quiet weekend. 

Smart Appliances

My dehumidifier has an app and can be controlled by my Alexa and by Echo devices.  It also sends me an email when the bucket if full.  How cool is that?

Dear Customer,
Your Water Bucket is full. Please empty the bucket.
Appliance Name: Dehumidifier
Serial: KN81710831
Model: FGAC7044U100
Thank you!
Frigidaire Support Team
phone: +1-800-311-4667

Friday, August 03, 2018


The boys are not playing any heavy sports this fall so they are working with trainers at our gym to become beasts. I bought a years worth of sessions to get them in a place where they are stronger and understand how to workout for a lifetime of fitness.

Sam isn't playing football because of a nagging ankle problem but needs to work hard to get in shape for basketball in November and football in 2019. He's bummed about football this year but understands he needs to concentrate of Healing right now.

Dylan isn't playing football because he discovered that rugby is more fun and inclusive. The rugby season starts in January but they start training in October. He also needs to get in shape for basketball in November.

This was day one but they already seem to like it. It made me smile to see them getting expert direction on how to get better.

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Familiar Spot

We took a picture in the same spot outside a restaurant we ate at when we were in New Mexico back in 2010. The boys are much older now. Grandpa and I are the same.

Step One

Kitchen and basement ceilings being repaired. Floors and bathrooms are up at some point in the future.