Sunday, November 30, 2014

Next Holiday

Well, Hanukkah is next but we don't decorate so much for that. The tree is up and decorated and the house smells great. This thing should be in this spot until the second week in January. Fun time of year.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Big Screen

I think the camera was going for the wacky women behind me but I caught a picture of myself on the Madison Square Garden Jumbotron last night. We had a great time with Adam and Gil watching the Gophers beat Georgia and St. John's give #10 Gonzaga a scare. The Zags eventually won but the johnnies made it exciting.

Made it home in about 4 and a half hours today which is pretty good for a Saturday on the 95 corridor. We had a great time in New York but it's nice to be home in front of the fire again.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Gopher Win

Happy boys with a gopher win. Now watching St. John's giving Gonzaga a run for the money. Could be an upset.

Thursday, November 27, 2014


Dylan wanted some more Rays Pizza for lunch so we strolled over to st marks and 3rd to grab a slice. This picture is the north side of Adam's building. Is's an old music sheet publishing company that was established in the East Village in the 1870's. Now it's a couple dozen condos and our thanksgiving home.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Saw a great matinee production of Matilda at the Schubert then had dinner at Tavern on the Green. It was one cold and rainy day here in New York but things are supposed to prove tomorrow.

Freedom Tower

It seems you can see Freedom Tower from every street in the Village and SoHo. It's a new landmark and a directional beacon for those having a hard time determining north and south in the city.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Boys and Their Shoes

We stopped at a few stores around Union Square and the boys and I all got some new kicks. The is rare, but I out shoed them with me selection at Flight Club.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Pizza Boy

We made it to New York in 4 hours and 30 minutes which is a record for us I believe. We only stopped once for some food and a bathroom break and didn't run into any traffic jams. Dylan loves the pizza at the joint across the street from Adams place.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

First Game

The Patriots lost 40-36 to Herndon but showed signs of gelling as a team. I think we need to be a little more aggressive around the hoop but a good effort all around.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Growing Boys

Dylan and shot up since this was taken July but Sam still have a an inch or two on him.  That probably won't last for long.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Friday, November 14, 2014


No games this week but a scrimmage on a Friday night. It will be good to be game free for a weekend.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

My Hero

I'm coming up on four weeks since my knee replacement and things are slowly improving and getting back to normal. I still have a rough road ahead to get my leg to a 130 degree bend but I know what I have to do.

I'm not sure I could have made it this far without the undying support of my incredible partner and love of my life. I appreciate the support from from my mom, Linda, Sam, Dylan and the daily supportive texts from my dad as well but Nicole showed me how much she cares about me in to many ways to count.

Sleeping in my hospital room in a chair for two nights, advocating for me with the medical staff, pushing the pain med drip button when I dozed off, making sure I had all my meds and medical equipment, bringing me breakfast in bed, filling my ice machine, messaging my knee, completely rearranging her schedule and providing moral support and water during some tough PT sessions.

All this on top of doing all the kid stuff we used to split on any given week. I truly got lucky when she agreed to marry me 13 years ago and I just want to say thank you for everything. I love you.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Victory Cake

Nicole went all out for the season ending party last night. The boys had a great time celebrating their championship season.

Snap, crackle, pop

It's been a little over three weeks and I'm falling behind in the bend department. I don't have the range of motion that I probably should have at this point and it means some really painful PT sessions for the next few weeks. The routine is basically to pull/stretch the knee beyond is current limits to break up the scar tissue which you can hear pop in the knee. It's hard to describe how uncomfortable that is. I don't have much of a choice but I'm a little dismayed at this point. One day at a time but I have some tough days ahead of me.

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Saturday, November 08, 2014


The little Ducks won a huge game today by getting a 110% from all the kids. I'm pretty sure every kid scored points in a 44-22 drubbing of the iNiners. Dylan scored two beautiful rushing touchdowns and Sam had one rushing TD. The team scored 3 safeties and had the iNiners on their heels the whole game. This was a much needed win after falling in the playoffs the last four years. They worked their butts off and came up with a game they will remember forever.

Championship Moms

These ladies have a lot of flair going on.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Cake Boss

They both consumed a quarter of each cake. I didn't think they could but they did. It was Mom's idea to let them try.

Birthday Boys

A couple of 12 year olds today. Love these guys.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

The Bend

The Physical Therapist really started to work the knee to do stuff it doesn't really want to do. I need to get it to bend about 130 degrees and at the moment, it's at about 85 degrees. A person needs about 110 to walk up steps, one foot after the other and to ride a bike. It seems I have some work to do and it ain't all that pleasant.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Just Another Day

The knee continues to improve, slowly. I ran out of the longer acting narcotic yesterday and while I believe that's the plan to get me back to no narcotics, it did mean some extra pain the last 36 hours. I still have short term pain meds but I realize now that the long term stuff is better. All in all I'm doing well but the days are adding up and improvement is slowing down. I have another pt session in the morning then a day of more exercise and the continuous motion machine. It's hard to tell which day of the week it is at times. I'm getting there.

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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Two weeks Home

My in home PT has run out and it's out to PT early tomorrow. I'm fearing they may kick my ass a little but I've been keeping up with the exercises at home so hopefully I'll be ready for them. The knee does continue to improve and sleeping is a little easier. I think getting out of the house tomorrow will be good for me. I need to see some different turning leaves than the ones I can see from my window.

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