Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tough Guys

I've been in Texas he last couple days and missed the big game against the other Clermont Elementary team and wow, what a game it appeared to be. Sam as you know, rolled his ankle yesterday and was limping badly but really wanted to play. From the reports I got, he got some playing time in the first quarter but his movement was pretty limited and he had some obvious issues moving around. The team played great defense but were down 3-12 by the fourth quarter. Dylan played tenacious defense per usual. He is relentless when the ball is near their basket and seemingly able to steal it as will. He was also very concerned about Sam, his other super ability to be incredibly caring about his brother.

Sam finally came off the bench in the 4th quarter and somehow led the team to a 14-2 run to win the game. Sam had 8 of those points but the kids really bonded together and played some great basketball to pull out a victory. I know it may have been bad to play on a badly sprained ankle but those two boys are pretty tough puppies and I'm damn proud of them for toughing it out. Sam will wear the boot for the next week and I'm sure the ankle will heal just fine even if I feel a little bad about pushing, just a tad for him to play. He really wanted to be out there even without me nudging him that direction. I'm getting out of Texas in the morning and I'm looking forward to watching some football tomorrow afternoon with the little guys. More basketball next weekend and I don't plan on missing any of the remaining games. Go Baby Blue Devils....

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