Sunday, January 16, 2011

Long Weekend

I've been hanging out with the boys this long holiday weekend, keeping warm by the fire, playing games outside and in and watching playoff football. I do love staying close to home and having little conversations with those developing minds. The kind of meaningless banter that tells me a little more about who those kids are with each exchange. They are amazing little guys and have not gotten too old to snug with me on the couch or give me a kiss on the lips. I love them very much.

They both played a great basketball game yesterday with Sam scoring 16 and Dylan getting 4 in a 25-19 victory over the Hurricanes. They really love sports and get very excited about the game and being part of a team. They are extremely competitive little monsters but still have fun with it and are not overly aggressive but go get that ball wherever it is.

Sam and Nicole just went to swim practice and Dylan and I are watching some football in front of the fire. Pickle has an ear infection and needs ton stay out of the water today. I think a long winter hike is in store for tomorrow. We have not been in the woods for a while and some fresh air will do us good.

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