Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Sleding Accident

Since we got another couple inches of snow today we went sleding down at a small park down the street. It was a much smaller hill than yesterdays outing at Orono Golf Course but made it much more manageable to bring Sam back up to the top. The video is of Sam coming down the hill and finding a piece of playground equipment. Everyone is ok and they totally enjoyed themselves.

You can also check out some video of the boys and their cousins sitting by the fire last night on my sister's blog. http://carpcake.blogspot.com/2007/12/christmas-2007.html It's kid madness.


Anonymous said...

That's nothing. When I was six my brother and I were brawling on sleds after an ice storm down a hill. I got wedged underneath a parked BMW.

Brain damage clearly resulted.

Editrix Complex said...

Nice to see Sam drives like his Papa! =) I am missing the boys (and their parents) and look forward to seeing all of you soon--especially after getting what I know will be wonderful news from the docs. Be sure to give the boys a hug and a wedgie for me! xoxox Love, Jess