Friday, December 21, 2007

White Christmas Afterall

Nicole, Sam and I spent 7 hours at Washington Hospital Center and the Cancer Institute. It was a long day but we were bouyed (sp?, hey I'm writing this on a blackberry) by the orthopedic oncologists theory that Sams problem may be a broken bone after all. I think the additional image (CAT scan), blood work and cast will help us figure out what this is without surgery and a biopsy. We don't want to cut him open if we don't need to.

Because we got all the tests in yesterday we were able to make our plane to MN at 6:40 this morning. The boys were really looking forward to making the trip, seeing the cousins and getting some snow time. Its going to be tough hauling Sam up the sleding hills with his cast on but worth it. He's been a real trooper through all this and seems to understand its necessary to get him better.

Nicole and I really appreciate all the thoughtful comments on the blog as well as the emails and phone calls. I think all your positive vibes are making a difference. We are hoping our latest opinion is on the money but are having all the information double and triple checked with prominent physicians across the country thanks to Linda and Gil.

We probably won't get any new information until after Christmas so this blog will revert back to my typical nonsence posts at least for the next 5 or 6 days.

Btw, Dylan is doing well and very concerned about his brother. He was very upset last night when we were gone for so long, as was blanca. Today he broke down a little because Sam had to be patted down in the TSA because of his wheel chair and cast. Sam was deemed harmless and we are on the plane preparing to land.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mark. You guys have been in my thoughts non-stop for the last few days. I'm so sorry Sam is going through all this, and I hope this possible good news is the real deal. Enjoy your down time together.

Anonymous said...

Mark & Nicole,

That sounds like good news to me. I really hope for the best.

Happy Holidays.


Anonymous said...

bring on the nonsense posts! they are very bouying. thanks for the updates throughout y'alls ordeal.