Monday, October 10, 2005

I love Halloween. I think it's my favorite holiday. I got out some of the spooky stuff to hang around the house today. The boys seem to like it and are asking for more stories about spooky pumpkin, scary skeleton, goulish ghost, wacky witch and wiedo wolfie. They almost always go to spooky mountain on spooky train and go in a spooky tunnel where barney bat lives. I can tell these types of stories for a long time.

More decorating later this week and we will do the annual trip to the pumpkin patch on Saturday assuming we get some nice weather. It rained almost 7 inches on Friday and Saturday. The first time ever in the records books of two days of 3 inches of rain in a row. The basement stayed dry to whole time. I heard the pumps working on Saturday, keeping my technology investments nice and dry.

More soon.....

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