Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Conversation with Sam

I came home in the afternoon from work to get ready for my council meeting and Blanca, Sam and Dylan were out. They came home about a hour later and Dylan had fallen asleep in the car so Blanca carried him to bed. Sam was wide awake followed Blanca and Dylan upstairs. He saw me and wanted a big hug, which of course I gave him. He then followed me into me room as I was getting dressed and offered to help me get my belt on.

The strangest thing was after that he hopped up on the bed and sat toward me to tell me where he had been with Blanca, what they did and then asked if I was going to go in a taxi car. After I said yes, he said, "then to an airplane?". I said yes again and he told me he made an airplane at the library today.

It may have been my first conversation I've ever had with either of the boys. He understood that I often take a taxi to an airplane and that you can ride in and airplane and make one out of paper at the same time.

He rolled my bag out to the taxi car when it arrived and waived good bye when I left. They seem to be growing up fast and are very happy little guys. I hope they can stay happy little guys as they grow up. I think that will be my priority for the forseable future. Keeping Sam and Dylan laughing.

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