Friday, August 19, 2016

Jury Duty

This week started with my first ever jury duty summons and subsequent two day trial. We the jury found the young man of felony fleeing police and endangering the public. He got 12 months in the slammer for fleeing the cops on a motorcycle at speeds of 149 MPH. This was the fifth time he was caught going over 100 MPH in the last two years and the only reason he was caught this time was because he wiped out on an off ramp and broke his femur bone in two. It wasn't real hard to convict him because two state trooper cars had video and the young man was wearing a Go Pro camera showing that he saw the troopers and the speed in which he was traveling. His lawyers argument was that he was driving safely because he used his turn signals while going 149 and his punishment was a broken leg. I realize the attorney didn't have much to work with but that's pathetic.

Anyway, it was a fascinating experience that I shouldn't have to repeat for at least three years.

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