Monday, December 12, 2005

Sick Sammy

Sam didn't feel so well this morning and when we got back from Safeway, he had a 103.9 degree temp. My friend Jessica and I were going to take them to see the Capitol Christmas tree but stayed in and watched Madigasgar with a rapidly improving Sam and a not yet sick Dylan. Nicole got some time off and went shopping while Jess and I watched the little monsters. She's moving to Florida in a few weeks and won't see them until spring. Us boys will miss her.

I'm just laying around in front of a fire right now. Have a busy week coming up, but lots of time off after that. The last two weeks of December will be pretty slow and I'm off most of the days.

Oh yeah, the Vikings won again today and Chicago lost. Just when I thought I could write off the season, they come alive and become contenders. Let's hope they don't crush my spirit with a series of losses in the next few weeks.

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