Thursday, August 18, 2005

Stuck in Chicago

This time it's my mother who will be spending the night in a local hotel after her flight from MSP sat on the runway for 3 hours then flight after flight to DCA was cancelled. Not good times and I promised the boys they would see Grandma when they wake up. I guess they'll see her around 10am instead. The boys and I played all night and had a pizza party at around 8. I let them pick our their own pajamas regardless if the tops and bottoms matched. It was interesting what they wanted, Sam was all about a yellow striped top and a red striped bottom. Dylan went with green trucks on the top and a blue fish on the bottom. They went to sleep quickly and have not been back up yet.

I hope Kumie is having a good birthday. We had a drink after work and I gave her the camera Joseph, Nicole and I bought her. I hope she uses it for good and not to take and deface pictures of me. I will have to destroy it if so. More soon...

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