Monday, February 11, 2019

Charlotte Tigers

Dylan and I had a good trip to Charlotte last weekend for a couple of rugby matches. The weather was cold but dry and the competition tough. Dylan scored two tries and kicked his first ever conversion in competition. He loves this game.

We also had some time to have dinner together on Friday night and explore Charlotte a bit and have lunch together on Saturday afternoon. Our trip down on Friday was slow, with a few accidents and backed up traffic in the way. Our trip home on Sunday was going extremely well until we hit Petersburg Virginia where some obstacle in the roadway destroyed the very lower part of the front bumper and a bunch of stuff under the car.

I didn't see what we hit but I think the car ahead of me and to the right hit it first and sent it low and fast right at the middle of my car. It caused quite a bump, like a ginormous pothole but it didn't effect the wheels at all. The car continued to drive fine but it became clear that we didn't have the power we had before the bump. We made it home with the car straining at times on hills.

In daylight this morning I noticed what looked like some animal hair on the under carriage before the tow truck came to take it to the shop. I'm looking forward to hearing what the shop thinks I hit. It was a slightly stressful end to a really fun weekend.

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