Thursday, January 17, 2019


The eagles lost to Wakefield last night and while that is disappointing, Sam had a good game and not just in scoring and rebounds. Like he was the loan freshman on the team last year, Bryce is this years freshman. He's a very talented guard with a competitive streak that can get him in trouble with the refs.

The game was close most of the night and very physical. At one point in the 3rd, Bryce was fouled hard and didn't get the call. He started in at the ref and Sam moved quickly to get between them and push Bryce away from what would have been a technical foul. It was the fast thinking and maturity that Sam showed that made the night. They should have a couple more years together on this team and leadership will be an important ingredient for success.

The picture below is the two of them after a big win in Pennsylvania earlier in the month. A little happier than last night.

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