Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Sports Month

Sports Month
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May is all about one game after another but it because of the weather, it's hasn't been that bad yet. Of course the postponed baseball game on Saturday needs to be played at some time and we may get another postponement tonight based on the weather report. The boys are enjoying soccer but at 0-3-1 they are less than thrilled about the record but the two of them have all the teams goals (Sam has 4, Dylan 1). They are still undefeated in baseball but the four teams in the league are all fairly good so that won't last if they can't get their hitting in gear. The schedule is just one game after another for the next four weeks then it's summer vacation time and a lot of travel.

Got haircuts last weekend and went to a party at the Wards house. Adien has been in one for the kids classes every year since kindergarten. The boys love a good party where they get to stay up late and run around with friends. We also looked at new Mama cars and got the kids some fancy indoor soccer shoes and yet another soccer jersey. Indoor soccer shoes seem to be all the rage in elementary school.

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